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Traditional Whiskey Pot Still Premium @ Manx Whisky Company, Isle of Man

Traditional Whiskey Pot Still Premium @ Manx Whisky Company, Isle of Man

Today we feature Magnus and Scott from Manx Whisky Company. Located in the wonderful Isle of Man, this home made process, from the barley, to the floor malt and long fermentation times, is the heart of a craft distillery. It has been a fascinating process and we're eager to get to Christmas 2023 to finally have it ready! Thank you for your trust in our company and we're looking for a very successful endeavour.

Manx Whisky Company

"Our company was founded to create a whisky that truly is a product of the Isle of Man and in order to do this we have decided to do it the hard way. Most whisky distilleries are huge process industries designed to bottle millions, if not tens of millions, of bottles of whisky per year. We have no such ambitions. Manx Whisky Company was born out of a desire to prove that it is possible to run a whisky distillery as a small scale company that controls all the steps in the production process."

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