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Soldered Copper Moonshine Alembic Still Premium @ Elemental Cornish Gin, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Schweissverbindungen Premium @ Elemental Cornish Gin, Hampshire, Vereinigtes Königreich

Thank you Nicki & Joe from @elemental_gin . It was very kind of you to allow us to share your pictures and your story. Your sustainability and ecological focus on a small-batch production, takes our traditional copper pot still to its roots. We hope it's an inspiration to many beginners worldwide.

Elemental Gin

"Clean, fresh, and proudly bearing its Made in Cornwall seal, Elemental Gin is produced right here, in our distillery at the bottom of the garden. We capture the essence of Cornwall in every bottle, from using locally-sourced ingredients like Cornish spring water from Bodmin Moor, right down to the element-inspired branding wrapped around every bottle. It's because of these strong Cornish roots, that we're always looking for ways to keep our gin as low-impact on this place as possible."

» Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Schweissverbindungen Premium

» Spirituosen auf der ganzen Welt

We invite you all to enquiry about our equipments at info@copper-alembic.com

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