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Soldered Copper Moonshine Alembic Still Premium @ The Lickerish Tooth Distillery, Whitby, United Kingdom

Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Schweissverbindungen Premium @ The Lickerish Tooth Distillery, Whitby, Vereinigtes Königreich

Thank you Ste, Tracey and Peter from @thelickerishtooth for your kindness in sharing your distillery! Distileries are born from the most improbable reasons, yours is definitely one of the most exiting!

The Lickerish Tooth

"The Lickerish Tooth was born from the minds of two drunk men, and a wife who went along with it. Our distillery is based in Egton, a quiet and quaint village in the North Yorkshire Moors, only ten minutes from Whitby. You would be forgiven for missing us you drive through the village, as we inhabit this farm building. Originally a cow shed, we are now in the process of converting it to make it exactly what we want."

» Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Schweissverbindungen Premium

» Spirituosen auf der ganzen Welt

We invite you all to enquiry about our equipments at info@copper-alembic.com

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