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Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still Premium @ Etheric.Herbae_saga, Sweden

Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Rotierender Säule Premium @ Etheric.Herbae_saga, Schweden

Thank you Lara for your kindness in sharing your experience that we are sharing below. We're delighted to learn about the experiences and results achieved by our customers using our proudly manufactured copper stills. Such a wonderful and varied range of possibilities takes dreams to reality!


"I dreamed about this for a long time... to distill potent, healing plant allies is one of the most impressive experiences I've had since working with plants. The entire process from gathering herbs, preparations for distillation, distillation itself, to collecting the final aromatic product drop by drop- hydrosol, is one of the most authentic ways of using plants. The alembic still adds value by enabling the entire process to be carried out using the traditional method. I chose 10 L Essential Oil Alembic Prime Kit which includes the most versatile copper still, the split top rotating column. It can be used to make steam distillation to collect both essential oils and hydrosols. By removing the column it allows me to do hydrodistillation. It is suitable for all kind of organic material. I was blessed with a rose abundance this season and as I wished, my first distillation was rose hydrosol ~ ethereal, gentle, health & beauty beneficial."

» Kupfer-Destillierkolben mit Rotierender Säule Premium

» Ätherische Öle und Hydrosole Auf Der Ganzen Welt

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